Saturday, July 19, 2008

A nulcear war in the middle east?

Take a moment and read this professors Op-Ed piece.

Now, tell me why he is wrong.



Brigid said...

No. . but I don't think his theory that a conventional strike against Iran's nuclear facility, being successful, will all end in hugs and roses. For ANY strike by Israel I think is going to result in Iran wiping them off the map.

Iran is just itchng to pull that trigger.

aepilot_jim said...

He may not be wrong. It's scale I'm having a problem with. Ask yourself how many nuclear tests were conducted in the western US and the resulting fallout vs. the possible number of strikes in an Israeli/Iranian exchange. What size of yield are we talking about here. If it's one 50 megaton warhead, we can pretty much write off the entire middle east. If it's two three or four 10 kiloton or less then we may only be looking at localized no-man zones. As for destabilizing effects. I'd have to say that Iran is already a major destabilizing influence as it is. If it's removed, what affect will that have?

Crucis said...

Also note reports of IAF planes seen landing and refueling at Iraqi airbases this last week.

Wish I could find that cite again.