Thursday, June 26, 2008

Something to consider regarding the Heller decision

It was HOW close?

By one persons vote, the highest court in our nation almost tossed out one of our Bill of Rights most important provisions. One Supreme Court justice held in their hands a pivotal decision that would effect 100,000,000 gun owners in the nation, and all their children as well.

One old fart in a black dress.

So, tell me, who appoints these people? The President, right?

At this point, barring Hillary's hit men1 getting a clean shot, we are faced with four years of either Obama or McCain, and some very aged justices who are wearing out from all the hard work and pontificating.

If the Heller case had come along after an Obama appointment to the court, I expect it would have been a very different outcome. Obama has made his views on gun ownership quite clear. Nobody should own handguns. Nobody should own a semi-auto anything. Any city who wishes to ban anything and everything should be allowed to. These are his stated views.

Imagine what an Obama appointed Supreme Court judge would have done this term?

Just imagine...... then go out and gather up some friends and talk about it over a few cold ones, while you still can.

1) Consider these points:
  1. Enemies of Bill and Hillary, and those who stand in their way, tend to end up dead or in prison.
  2. Hillary 'suspended' her campaign, which means she is still a candidate in this race. If anything happens to Obama, she is the only Democratic candidate in this race.

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pat houseworth said...

As me and others have asked..."Will the Clinton's "Vince Foster" Obama?"

It would be tough, but I would not put anything past Hillary, or Bubba for that matter... fro them it's all about staying in power.